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About me: THIS IS NOW A VIP PAGE, IF YOU WISH TO BE ADDED EITHER FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED. OR SIMPLY SEND 10GBP or 12.75USD VIA PAYPAL. YOU WILL GAIN ACCESS TO BOTH PAGES. SO 2 PAGES FOR ONE OFF PAYMENT, MESSAGE FOR PAYPAL DETAILS. YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTED Reviews Chuckydarwinx - "I've always been leery of doing paypal for friend acceptance on sites like this but The_Lazy_Eye_VIP had better customer support than Onlyfans and has a great library to make every penny and pence worth it." JohnJoeJoe -"The_Lazy_Eye_VIP has by far the best page on ThotHub by far. The wide range of videos is fantastic and worth every penny. An incredible price for all the amazing content is worth it." LarryDarry990 - Subscribing to The_Lazy_Eye_VIP was arguably the best money I’ve spent this year! Tons of rare content, easily accessible and very responsive! Guy is a legend, no regrets! P.S Currently working on playlists to help people navigate my videos alot easier. :)